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Lyrics with ukulele chords for the songs that El Banda Burros play - Download and have fun - they're FREE!

El Banda Burros came about in 2013 as a new challenge to former band mates Rog, Bob & Phill. They had played together for many years in the Sussex soul & funk band The Big Kahuna, singing, playing bass and playing saxophone respectively.

Ukuleles, mandolin and double bass were purchased, harmonica's were dusted off and El Banda Burros was born! The primary objective was and still is, to have fun and entertain whilst raising funds for a good local cause -
Wealden Works youth charity.

Various guest musicians have played with El Banda Burros over the years including Scott Jenkins (sax & bass), Kev Kay & Colin Mackay (percussion) and Jim Bywater (ukulele & bass).

El Banda Burros play regularly at pubs, clubs, parties and events in the South East of England. They can dress smartly if required, play quietly if required, don't take up much room, are house trained, only require light feeding and are relatively inexpensive.

Rog Burro

Kala tenor ukulele
Koki'o 8-string ukulele,

Hohner harmonicas
& big voice!

Bobby Burro   

Collings mandolin,
 Yamaha SLB-200 double bass,
 PJB suitcase amp

Phill Burro

Kamaka Tenor 8-string custom ukulele
Godin Multiuke,
Finhol Kick Box